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The AutoMail Plus Program from HearBest is a prepaid program to simplify the purchase and delivery of your hearing aid batteries. When you purchase a one-year program, HearBest will automatically mail your hearing aid batteries once every three months. Each one-year program includes eighteen 6-packs of batteries over the course of 12 months. The “Plus” includes one extra pack of batteries every three months and four free visits for a “clean and check” of your current hearing aid(s), regardless of where they were purchased. All hearing aid battery sizes are included.

Your total program includes, twenty-two 6-packs of batteries and four office visits for a “clean and check”. No phone calls to make, no annoying answering machines to talk to, no additional postage to pay, and no worrying about getting out in bad weather. The batteries are always fresh and they come directly to you! The maintenance visits will give you peace of mind that your hearing aids are working correctly.

If you “go south” for the winter, we’ll send the batteries to where you are. Just let us know! We’ll register you over the phone and your batteries will begin coming on a regular basis. Call today to sign up.

The “Clean and Check” visits can be done by appointment in any of our offices or on site at any of the independant living communities where HearBest provides services on a regular basis.