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The HearBest Approach

HearBest exercises a progressive and interactive approach to treatment. Family members and significant others are encouraged to be a part of the HearBest experience by participating in the evaluation and the family awareness and counseling program. This approach helps our clients, along with family members, to target their specific listening needs.

The HearBest Test Centers are clinical hearing evaluation centers where simple yet thorough audiologic evaluations are performed. These tests provide all the information needed to accurately and effectively determine the tools you may need to enhance your personal communication and quality of life. These results may also contribute to your individualized plan of how to address your hearing.

HearBest works closely with major manufacturers of today’s most advanced hearing instrument technology and personal communication devices. The changes and developments in technology provide significant benefits and solutions to the communication challenges our clients face each day. We sell some of the finest products from around the world. Be sure to ask about the products and brands that are serviced at HearBest. We service both analog and digital hearing aids, regardless of where they were purchased.