HearBest Showrooms

Just a step inside one of the HearBest interactive showrooms and anyone will recognize this is an innovative and progressive concept in addressing how people hear.

The HearBest process takes place, not in an office with white walls, but in one of the HearBest Test Centers, designed as a living room setting with surround sound technology. Your results are displayed on a large screen TV so family members can observe the entire process (with client permission).

Other stations in the showroom allow customers to try amplified phones (cordless and hard wired technologies) hearing enhancers, alarms and much more. These HearBest PLUS items give customers the opportunity to explore alternative ways to communicate more effectively with their current hearing, with or without a hearing aid.

Anyone who comes into HearBest will learn how easily and quickly he or she can find solutions to improve hearing and communication. Whether the solution is as simple purchasing a set of the very popular TV EARS that can be used for watching TV or can be taken to most public theaters, or an individualized plan for hearing your best through the amplification of today’s most advanced hearing instruments, the HearBest approach is thorough yet simple.