More Hearing. Flexible Control. Connectivity

Audéo SMART, Phonak's smallest hearing system with wireless functionality, is the choice for clients who require top performance with manual control and connectivity. Audéo SMART CRT (Canal Receiver Technology), Phonak’s smallest hearing instrument with wireless functionality, delivers performance with manual control and connectivity. Audéo SMART features SoundRecover, ZoomControl with DirectTouch, DuoPhone with the push of a button the phone signal is heard in both ears and more.

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    Discreet and flexible, Audéo SMART is designed for hearing instrument users with mild to severe hearing losses. Audéo SMART offers new, on-board control and includes all the industry leading CORE Performance and wireless features. Audéo SMART is available in three performance/price levels has a choice of standard or power receiver and a range of dome and tip options. Audéo SMART available in three performance levels and eleven colors.

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    Features & Benefits

    Audéo SMART, the world’s most sophisticated external receiver hearing system, delivers expanded audibility, versatile control and wireless freedom. The shape of the stylish new Audéo SMART housing optimizes the performance of state-of-the-art directional beamforming technology, thereby improving speech clarity and reducing background noise for best possible understanding. When life demands effective face-to-face and multimedia communication, even in the most challenging listening environments, the obvious choice is Audéo SMART.

    More Hearing: SoundRecover is the only effective way to extend hearing by restoring high-frequency sounds that would otherwise be inaudible. Audibility of the full spectrum of sounds improves speech understanding, awareness of the sound environment and listening pleasure.

    Flexible Control: Audéo SMART can be controlled directly at the ear via a push button that can be configured as a program selector or a volume control. Additionally, Audéo SMART may be operated via the myPilot remote control which also allows system status readout and configurable shortcuts. Another Phonak exclusive, ZoomControl, enables end-users to choose which direction to focus hearing for situations when they cannot face the speaker, for example, in the car.

    Unlimited Connectivity: Leading an active life means interfacing with communication and entertainment systems; telephones, televisions, MP3 players, computers or other audio sources. Audéo SMART makes no compromises. It is the smallest hearing instrument in the world offering full wireless functionality. For your clients who demand style and control plus access to the wireless world.

    Audéo SMART IX Audéo SMART V Audéo SMART III
    SoundFlow Premium Advanced Standard
    WhistleBlock Technology
    ZoomControl - -
    DuoPhone - -
    Directionality VoiceZoom
    (33 channels)
    (12 channels)
    digital AudioZoom
    Real Ear Sound -
    SoundRelax - -
    EchoBlock System - -
    WindBlock Management -
    20 channels 16 channels 6 channels
    Self Learning -
    Quick Sync
    CableFree Fitting via iCube
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    Fitting Range

    The Audéo SMART offers a wide fitting range with two external receivers: Standard CRT receiver for mild to moderately-severe hearing losses and Power CRT receiver for moderate to severe hearing losses.