All the sounds of life

Phonak's smallest wireless hearing instrument provides the solution to a previously unsolved challenge. Audéo YES broadens the hearing range with SoundRecover technology, providing high frequency audibility so that the full spectrum of sounds is audible for all of your clients. Audéo YES, the brilliantly designed wireless hearing instrument provides the solution to a previously unsolved challenge. Audéo YES featuring SoundRecover, broadens the hearing range and restores high frequencies, making the full spectrum of sounds audible.

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    Discreet and stylish, Audéo YES is designed for hearing instrument users with mild to severe hearing losses. Audéo YES employs industry leading features, including all CORE performance and wireless features. Audéo YES is available in three performance/price levels and,with a choice of standard or power receiver, range of domes and tip options.

    It uses the latest advances in digital sound processing to automatically adjust to your listening needs. Audéo YES provides the highest sound quality, speech understanding, listening comfort and wireless connectivity for all your personal communication situations. Its modern design is inconspicuous when worn and ensures optimal placement on the ear for best performance. Audéo YES is a quality product developed by the Swiss company Phonak, a world leader in communication technology, innovation and reliability. Please read this manual carefully to benefit from all the features of Audéo YES. With proper care, Audéo YES will support your hearing and communication needs for many years.

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    Features & Benefits

    Audéo YES IX Audéo YES V Audéo YES III
    SoundFlow Premium Advanced Standard
    WhistleBlock Technology
    ZoomControl - -
    Directionality VoiceZoom (33 channels) VoiceZoom (12 channels) Adaptive digital AudioZoom
    Real Ear Sound -
    SoundRelax - -
    EchoBlock System - -
    WindBlock Management -
    NoiseBlock Processing 20 channels 16 channels 6 channels
    SelfLearning -
    CableFree Fitting via iCube
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    Fitting Range

    The Audéo YES offers a wide fitting range with two external receivers: Standard CRT receivers for mild to moderately-severe hearing losses and Power CRT receivers for moderate to severe hearing losses.