Redefining Excellence. Embracing Perfection

Exélia Art, the new Phonak premium product family, redefines excellence in terms of hearing performance, connectivity and choice. Exélia Art features SoundRecover, providing high frequency audibility, DuoPhone, a new telephone solution, ZoomControl with DirectTouch, and more. Exélia Art is available in 15 styles, ranging from tiny CICs to a choice of BTEs. New: Exélia Art is available in micro Petite and In-the-Canal Half Shell Power (ITC/HS P) models.

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    With Exélia Art, Phonak continues its legacy in hearing excellence. Based on the CORE platform Exélia Art is the most flexible, feature rich hearing instrument, offering your clients unprecedented choice and control. Exélia Art can address even the most challenging communication environments,leading to ultimate customer satisfaction. A list of unique Programming an Exélia Art BTE via cable features combined with an impressive selection of innovative optional accessories makes Exélia Art the hearing instrument that can deliver and meet your client’s needs.

    Exélia Art redefines excellence in terms of hearing performance, connectivity and choice. Audibility is expanded beyond standard amplification, broadening the auditory experience. A peerless telephone solution and the selection of models, acoustic coupling and accessories leave nothing to be desired.

    Exélia Art hears more, loves to listen and likes to look good. Your most demanding clients will appreciate the innovative technology, the great design and the wireless connectivity – all easy and intuitive to use. Exélia Art is available in 16 styles, ranging from tiny CICs to a choice of BTEs and from micro to power models.

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    Features & Benefits


    • iCom - easy, binaural handsfree connection to communication and entertainment devices
    • CableFree Fitting – completely cableless, smooth and reliable fitting with iCube


    • myPilot – a command center with full-color display and unique access to hearing and instrument control and status readout
    • KeyPilot2 / WatchPilot2 remote controls
    • iView – status viewer
    • Click’nTalk – easy to use, intuitive, Plug-in device for the mobile phone. Completely cable and headset free mobile phone use.


    • iPFG version 2.4 or higher, NOAH compatible
    • PC (IBM compatible) with NOAHlink and/or HI-PRO
    • Optional: iCube device for CableFree Fitting

    Features Description
    SoundRecover SoundRecover is an effective way to extend hearing by providing high frequency audibility. This can improve speech understanding and awareness of the sound environment.
    Programmable Fully programmable 20 channel digital hearing instrument.
    SoundFlow Premium A completely new approach to self-adapting automatic functionality based on 8 tunable configuration points.
    Voice Zoom 33 channel automatic adaptive directionality.
    Real Ear Sound Restoring natural localization for BTE instruments.
    Wind & Weather Protector Protects the microphones.
    NoiseBlock Processing 20 channel new improved SNR detection. Greater attenuation of noise, without the artefacts. SoundRelax – eliminates annoying impulse sounds
    SoundRelax Eliminates annoying impulse sounds.
    AOV Acoustically Optimised Vent - delivers the right sized custom vent solution for all Exélia Art custom products and ear pieces.
    EasyPhone automatic activation of telephone program.
    EasyFM automatic activation of FM program.
    Easy Audio automatic program for binaural stereo streaming of audio signal
    EasyBluetooth automatic program for handsfree binaural mobile phone use
    Self Learning & DataLogging Self Learning & DataLogging with SmartTips
    Manually Accessible Programs Up to four manually accessible programs (two acoustic, two non-acoustic)
    BassBoost -
    QuickSync binaural volume and program control with one-touch simplicity
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    Fitting Range

    The Exélia Art fitting range covers mild to profound hearing losses, regardless of audiometric configurations.