The Power Portfolio of Hearing Delight

The Naída S portfolio accommodates the full spectrum of hearing loss, from moderate to profound. It offers both the SuperPower (SP) and UltraPower (UP) models in the classic Naída design. To address the diversity of individual needs, Naída S provides comprehensive yet straightforward options and is available in several performance and price levels.

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    Naída S, with new Spice+ technology, offers a complete power portfolio including an UltraPower, SuperPower and CRT model in three performance levels accommodating moderate to profound hearing loss. Naída S is WaterResistant and offers a wide range of accessories and FM possibilities, giving the convenience of wireless connectivity.

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    Features & Benefits

    More features for lasting delight. A host of high performance features perfectly complements the revolutionary new capabilities of the Phonak Spice Generation.

    Naida S IX Naida S V Naida S III Naida S I
    SoundFlow Premium Advanced Standard Essential
    QuickSync -
    ZoomControl - -
    StereoZoom - - -
    auto ZoomControl - - -
    DuoPhone - - -
    NoiseBlock Premium
    SoundFlow Premium -
    FlexVolume - -
    SelfLearning - -
    WindBlock - -
    SoundRelax - -
    Real Ear Sound - -
    EchoBlock - - -
    FlexControl - - -
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    Fitting Range

    Phonak Target™

    Fitting that fits you

    Hearing care professionals worldwide helped us develop and perfect Phonak Target™. We kept at it until we achieved the ideal combination of fitting sophistication and ease of use. Prepare to be delighted!

    iCube, the CableFree Fitting device

    iCube uses wireless capabilities to transfer fitting data from your PC, streaming it directly into the hearing instruments. The result: a fast, smooth and reliable CableFree fitting process.

    For Naída S (IX, V, III) only.

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    Access Line

    Accessories Description

    Phonak myPilot

    Convenient control and status information
    The myPilot command center, with color display, is a great choice for clients who want a multi-featured remote control. It can be configured to be either menu-driven or with direct control, depending on the needs of each client.

    Phonak PilotOne

    Remote control
    PilotOne focuses on the essentials when it comes to discreet control of the Phonak Spice Generation hearing instruments. This exclusive remote control was designed for maximum impact and ease of use. The clever simplicity and ergonomic design make it the most user-friendly remote control ever.

    Phonak TVLink S

    Switch on to a great TV experience
    Children love TV and this dedicated Phonak TV solution offers an exceptional listening experience. True “plug and play” and one-step set-up means its ready to go in less than 60 seconds. Let them turn on, tune in and hear everything!

    ML10i & ML11i

    Design-integrated Dynamic FM
    A miniature, design-integrated Dynamic FM receiver for Naída S UltraPower and SuperPower hearing instruments.


    Design-integrated Dynamic FM receiver
    Miniature, design-integrated Dynamic FM receiver for the Phonak Bolero Q-M13, Nios S H2O, Naída S CRT and the M H2O models of Phonak Ambra, Phonak Solana, Phonak Cassia and Phonak Dalia hearing aids.