The sound of super power

ReSound Sparx™ hearing aids have been specifically designed with the needs of super-power users in mind. The hearing aids take full advantage of ReSound technologies and expertise, and offer great value-for-money for any super-power user.

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    Who’s it for?

    ReSound Sparx™ is a super-power hearing aid only suitable for profound hearing loss.

    What does it offer?

    • The most power without discomfort – no squealing or whistling
    • Great sound quality
    • 86 dB gain and 145 dB SPL - among strongest in output and gain
    • Easy to operate volume control and push button with reliable housing

    Variants and listening environments

    ReSound Sparx are behind-the-ear hearing aids and are suitable for all listening environments.

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    Features & Benefits

    Features ReSound Sparx™
    Series Super-Power
    Listening environments Quiet
    Levels of hearing loss Profound
    Color choices 5
    Wind noise reduction Yes
    Volume control Yes
    Program button Yes
    Battery size 675
    Battery life (hours) 315
    Processing 9-band Warp™ (6 handles)
    Programs 2 acoustic + 1 telecoil/DAI
    Directional choices No
    Directional beam widths No
    Environmental Optimizer No
    Styles Behind-the-ear
    Feedback suppression Stabilizer™ DFS
    Telecoil Yes
    EchoStop Yes
    DataLogging No
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    Styles & Colors

    ReSound Sparx ReSound Sparx