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HearBest offers a simple and practical program available to anyone who owns a hearing aid, not just HearBest clients. It’s called The ServicePlus Program. The ServicePlus Program is a prepaid program for all maintenance visits from HearBest.

Anyone can purchase a one-year ServicePlus Program. Included are unlimited maintenance visits, by appointment, in any of our offices or on site at any of the independent living communities we visit on a regular basis. Also included are three reprogramming visits and receiver replacement on receiver-in-the-ear style hearing aids. This is a savings of 50%, in comparison to our regular office fees, for anyone wearing two hearing aids.

The ServicePlus Program has been developed to encourage regular maintenance visits on hearing aids that are out of warranty or that were not purchased from HearBest. Preventing additional repair fees on hearing aids is the primary goal of this program.

Please note that manufacturer’s lab fees are separate fees and not included in the program cost.

HearBest also offers a variety of ways to purchase hearing aid batteries. One option includes a service package, while another offers "just batteries". Read through the various purchase options. You're sure to find the program to meet your needs.